American Pickers 8 Bit Open

8-bit History Logo

When the History Channel needed a classic re-make of their popular show, American Pickers, theme song, Human Factor was right there with them creating the music, sound effects, and audio mix for this throwback promo. Have a look and a listen and see what memories it conjures up for you. Look for the promo on the History Channel and for the exciting series itself.

Human Factor Credits: Music Production and Sound Design, Audio Mixing

Producer: History

Vikings Season 3 Trailer


2014 Gold Promax Award Winner

Human Factor Credits: Sound Design, Audio Mixing, and Some Custom Music

Producer: History

Human Factor is part of the team that won the North America Gold Promax award for Marketing and Design over the Game of Thrones team. This trailer introduced Vikings Season 3 at the San Diego Comic Con 2014. Sounds so good.

World Wars

The World Wars logo

Human Factor composed the custom music and sound design for the promo for the History Channel’s miniseries “The World Wars.” This exciting 3-part series was an epic tale of how the world leaders during the 2nd world war were shaped by their experiences during World War I. Human Factor and History attempt to capture the ruthless bombardment of troops and cities through music and sound design. Percussive distorted bass under eerie electric guitars complements the development of these passionate men who led the world during this tragic conflict. Look for the promo on the History Channel and for the exciting series itself.

Human Factor Credits: Custom Music and Sound Design, Audio Mixing

Producer: History

The Bible

Gold Addy Award Winner

Human Factor Credits: Custom Sound Design and Audio Mixing

Producer: History

History called on Human Factor to produce the custom sound design/effects in the promo for their next hit miniseries The Bible. This exciting 5-part series produced by Mark Burnett takes an intriguing and refreshing look at the world’s most read book. Human Factor’s sound design and effects perfectly reflect the vigor, force, and timeliness of the Bible as shown in the series and the mystical events portrayed in it. Human Factor’s design has garnered wide praise not only for its meticulous attention to detail but also for drawing the viewer into the words of the Bible as they are taken through the promo. Look for the promo and for the exciting series itself on History.

Ax Men

Human Factor Credits: Sound Design and Audio Mix

Producer: History

Human Factor provided audio mixing and custom sound design to create the audio backdrop for the Ax Men promos and season 6 show open, exploring the dangerous and virile task of logging in the Pacific Northwest.