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When the History Channel needed a classic re-make of their popular show, American Pickers, theme song, Human Factor was right there with them creating the music, sound effects, and audio mix for this throwback promo. Have a look and a listen and see what memories it conjures up for you. Look for the promo on the History Channel and for the exciting series itself.

Human Factor Credits: Music Production and Sound Design, Audio Mixing

Producer: History

Emmy Award, Addy Award, Peer Award Winner

Human Factor Credits: Sound Design, Music Editing, and Surround Mix

Gettysburg, executive produced by Tony and Ridley Scott, is a cutting edge documentary about one of the bloodiest times in American History. Human Factor provided surround mixing, surround sound design, advanced music editing, and custom music services to create the heat and grit of the battle.

Producer: History

For the Network Premiere, Human Factor added symphonic percussion and sound design to the popular hit “Running Up That Hill” as recorded by Placebo.

And for the Show Open, History called on Human Factor for custom music, sound design, and mixing to bring the horrific past of the Gettysburg battle into the personal present.