Digital Metadata Service

With so much music readily available everywhere, many composers and music rights holders find that getting their music to come up in a search is becoming more and more difficult.  The only answer is the highest quality, professionally-prepared enriched metadata.  Quality metadata is not just useful; today, it is absolutely essential for every composer and music catalog to get their music found, heard, and used.

Human Factor has grown with the Internet and has been building high quality metadata for music for years.  Our metadata products provide uniquely powerful tools for the music industry.  We specialize in carefully and accurately describing and cataloging music.  Through use of our metadata, music not only is reported in searches but, as importantly, is just what the customer wants.

As a result, our quality metadata gives composers and catalogs the confidence and peace of mind of knowing they are using the best possible tools in today’s challenging music industry.  With such confidence and with outstanding results, they remain on solid paths of growth and competitive advantage.


Soundminer Enriched Metadata


We will deliver you complete Soundminer enriched metadata, files that are compatible with BWAV Bext, iXML and id3 systems (iTunes, WMP, etc.)