Custom Music

From scratch
Music that matches your vision.
Human Factor’s composers have only one goal – creating great music and sound elements to help make your project a success. We love music, and how it can affect people, so we tackle each new job with true enthusiasm. We find out exactly what you want, and work closely with you through the process to make sure you get it. We’re experienced enough to know what works and passionate enough to keep pushing for cool new solutions. So, no matter what type of project you have, you can trust us to deliver high impact music and sound design, on time and on budget.
Customizable Tracks
Fast and flexible.
We work fast, but some jobs move faster. When there isn’t time to compose original music, you can still get the customized elements you need to make your project sing. Just choose one of our select customizable tracks and our experienced editors and composers can tailor it to your specs. Tell us exactly what you want – we can change tempos and instruments, or even add or subtract whole parts. Starting with a customizable track is one more way we can deliver the perfect music on a tight timeline.

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