Brand, Buzz & Success

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Brand, Buzz & Success
Your Guide to the New Music Industry

This book is dedicated to the creators of music.  In an industry that is changing faster than anyone could imagine, both big and small players in the business are faced with challenges they could not have dreamed of five years ago.  But change provides opportunities equally as unimaginable.  This book guides composers, lyricists, and musicians through the changes in the music industry and explains how a performer or group not only can succeed in this new music business but can also use the changes to reach goals that could not have been conceived in the 20th century.
This book teaches musical artists how to become their own name brand – a brand to which industries and individuals will return again and again for their music.  It provides a roadmap for success from the first step of establishing goals to marketing music over the Internet. 

Topics include:
–Creating an image that will attract and hold audiences
–Producing music for the new music industry
–Establishing a presence in the digital world of music
–Creating buzz in this new environment
–Maximizing profits through live performances, touring, merchandising, remixing and publishing music
–Every artist from new and emerging performers to industry veterans will benefit from this readable, comprehensive guide.

What people are saying about BRAND, BUZZ & SUCCESS:

“Blake Althen brings years of in-the-trenches experience to his book and gives the reader the benefit of that knowledge, sparing them from many of the music industry pitfalls that often plague emerging new artists.”
— Eugene Foley – Author of Artist Development: A Distinctive Guide To The Music Industry’s Lost Art

“Now more than ever artists are in charge of their art and their business.  Blake is not only a slammin’ producer, but one hell of a good teacher.  Thousands of dollars of information for the price of one book…take advantage of him while you can.”
— Robert Blau,

“I thought Blake Althen had done it all in the music biz.
Then he wrote a book.
Now I know he’s done it all.”
— Dave Ries, Music Supervisor, Discovery MusicSource